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Vapor Frac

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Very high quality foam (N2) fracturing service, requiring low volume of water (AquaStar) and low volume of LiteProp Prime 108.

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Get safe, efficient fracture stimulation of your low-pressure, underpressured, and water-sensitive formations with VaporFrac™ services from Baker Hughes.

VaporFrac services use an ultra-lightweight LiteProp™ proppant slurry. The LiteProp slurry combines an ultralightweight proppant with an environmentally compliant carrier fluid, which is transported to location in a tanker. During the stimulation, the concentrated slurry is pumped directly into the high-pressure nitrogen gas and/or carbon dioxide gas stream, which is then pumped downhole.

This technique improves your effective fracture area and conductivity compared to frac jobs using natural sand, while minimizing proppant volumes required to achieve your stimulation goals.

The nondamaging, environmentally preferred service creates a flow stream that is 94 to 96% gas—significantly reducing your freshwater requirements, post-frac cleanup time, and water disposal costs.

Features and Benefits
• Reduces water required for fracturing by as much as 96%
• Improves cleanup time from low-pressure wells
• Minimizes formation damage
• Limits environmental impact
• Uses patented LiteProp ultralightweight proppant
• Leaves a conductive path from the formation to the wellbore, unlike proppantless fracs
• Improves effective fracture area and conductivity compared with fracs using natural sand
• Minimizes proppant volumes required to achieve stimulation goals
• Minimizes equipment footprint
• Reduces truck traffic on leased roads and personnel on location
• Allows fracturing operations on small locations
• Uses nonpolymer fluid system
• Maximizes proppant pack conductivity and formation permeability
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