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Brine Care™

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Family of crosslinked frac fluid solutions to address the use of high total dissolved solids (TDS) and produced waters. Each of the four BrineCare fracturing fluid systems has been pre-engineered to ensure reliable performance with produced water across a specific range of TDS and water temperatures.

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The Baker Hughes BrineCare™ system is a high-pH, boratecrosslinked fracturing fluid delivering effective performance in a varietyof well stimulation applications. Like other fluids in the BrineCare suite, the BrineCare I system is specially engineered to deliver predictable  performance when incorporating produced water from the wellsite.
Our experts can help you select the optimal BrineCare fluids for your well, based on the total dissolved solids (TDS) present in your source water and the water’s temperature.

Features and Benefits
• Specially engineered for produced-water applications
• Offers superior tolerance to mix waters, including brines
• Facilitates more efficient water management and reduces costs
• Functions at high pH levels
• Functions at TDS levels as high as 300,000+ mg/L
• Functions at temperatures up to 250°F (121°C)
• Eliminates the need to dispose of most flowback and produced water
• Superior fluid efficiency
• Minimizes pad and fluid volumes required for optimized operations
• Can be custom-formulated for crosslink times of more than 5 minutes
• Minimizes hydraulic horsepower requirements
• Breaks cleanly and completely with Baker Hughes EnZyme™ breaker and HighPerm™ encapsulated breaker
• Minimizes risks of formation and proppant pack damage
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