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A unique fracturing service that creates more conductive flow paths to maximize hydrocarbon recovery from hydraulically stimulated wells through an engineered combination of fluid dynamics modeling, ultra-lightweight proppant technology, and innovative pumping techniques.

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With the Ascent™ high-side fracturing service, Baker Hughes applies advanced modelling, specialized pumping techniques and leverages strong, ultra-lightweight proppant technologies to create and maintain open fractures above the lateral wellbore that cannot be effectively propped through conventional low viscosity fluid treatments.

Features and Benefits
• Better proppant distribution across the fracture network
• Increases conductive fracture area
• Places proppant above the lateral
• Reduces BOE costs by utilizing more of the reservoir’s conductive potential
• Slows decline rates
• Strong, ultra-lightweight proppant technology
• Generates highly conductive fractures
• Expands propped fracture area on the high side of the fracture
• Delivers optimized, effectively placed stages
• Improves reservoir recovery rates
• Improves fluid and proppant efficiency
• Reduces multistage stimulation times
• Minimizes operational costs and health, safety and environment (HSE) footprint
• High-side proppant placement in:
• Unconventional plays
• Conventional reservoirs
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