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Spectra Star

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Water Based Guar Borate Frac Fluid. High Yield (lower load) guar, delayed or immediate crosslinking.

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Features and Benefits
• High apparent viscosity
- Improves proppant transport
• Superior fluid efficiency
- Minimizes pad volumes and overall fluid volumes required for an optimized operation
• High-yield guar
- Minimizes polymer loadings for optimum viscosity and proppant transport
- Minimizes risk of formation and proppant pack damage
• Can be formulated for crosslink times from 15 seconds to three minutes
- Minimizes hydraulic horsepower requirements
• Good tolerance to mix waters, including brines
- Facilitates water management and reduces associated costs
• Hydraulic fracturing operations in conventional and unconventional reservoirs
• Foamed or energized fracturing treatments using nitrogen
• High shear-rate environments and areas where water quality prohibits the use of more sensitive fluids
• Frac-pack operations
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