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MaxPerm Pro

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Non-damaging polymer friction reducer that improves the efficiency of slickwater fracturing operations. Under normal shear conditions, MaxPerm 30 can reduce HHP requirements in addition to reducing friction by as much as 85% compared to freshwater applications.

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This friction reducer can be used at higher loadings as a higher viscosity fluid. When coupled with Baker Hughes breakers, operators will see similar viscosity, but better fracture cleanup than with conventional friction breaker polymers. This technology is compatible with additives commonly used in slickwater fracturing applications (scale inhibitors, bacteria control additives, clay stabilizers, surfactants, and brines).

Features and Benefits
• Reduces pipe friction by up to 85%
• Effective with fresh water, brines, and low-pH fluids
• Reduces costs and logistics
• Breaks cleanly with Baker Hughes encapsulated and conventional breakers
• Minimizes formation damage
• Enhances regained permeability and conductivity greater than 95%
• Liquid state
• Enables fast, accurate metering and mixing
• Low pour point
• Use friction reducer in cold-weather applications
• Hydrates in cold water in 8 to 10 seconds
• Member of the Baker Hughes SmartCare family
• Minimizes environmental impact without sacrificing performance
• Increases transparency of chemical composition
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