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Diamond FRAQ™

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Fluid system was designed to address the need for a more robust VES system at the higher temperature register while maintaining the benefits of the traditional VES fluids – namely, low formation and proppant pack damage, outstanding fluid compatibility, and excellent sand suspension.

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Features and Benefits
• Diamond FRAQ fluid incorporates unique internal BreakBAQ chemistry to break the VES viscosity using bioactive agents and catalysts
• The internal breakers work in all reservoirs including in dry gas, condensate and oil reservoirs
• The fluid can be broken by both internal and external breaker systems assuring post treatment cleanup
• Does not degrade with time except with the use of internal breakers and upon contact with hydrocarbon fluids
• Excellent retained permeability of 90%–99% to maximize productivity and minimize draw down
• The fluid provides excellent sand/proppant transport characteristics. Concentrations of 1.5%–3% by volume are capable of carrying up to 14 ppa (pounds proppant added) sand to pack the fracture
• Leak off characteristic facilitates packing of the casing–screen annulus for the gravel pack operation
• The broken Diamond FRAQ fluid will not reform, minimizing post treatment cleanup problems
• The Diamond FRAQ fluid flows back with low differential pressure to recover treating fluid
• The non-ionic Diamond FRAQ surfactant is insensitive to emulsion formation in most crude oils
• The Diamond FRAQ fluid has demonstrated superior shale
stabilizing characteristics for treating reservoirs with high shale content
• Wide temperature range, 80°F–250°F (26°C–121°C) to treat most formations
• Frac pack
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