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Water Based Guar Borate Frac Fluid. High Yield (lower load) guar, delayed or immediate crosslinking.

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Optimize your hydraulic fracturing operations with Lightning™ fracturing fluids from Baker Hughes. These high-performance, guar polymer, borate-crosslinked systems are designed for applications up to 300°F (149°C). The high-yielding Baker Hughes GW-3 guar polymer provides the fracturing performance of conventional systems with substantially reduced polymer loadings. Lightning fracturing fluids can be used with a crosslink delay additive to customize crosslink times. The Lightning fracturing fluid system is a member of the Baker Hughes SmartCare™ family of environmentally conscious chemical solutions, which helps ensure that your technical performance and environmental priorities are achieved. Evaluated by our environmental services group’s chemical assessment review process, Lightning fluids have been methodically vetted for health, safety, and environmental criteria, performance, consistency, compatibility, and value.

Features and Benefits
• Superior fluid efficiency
• Minimizes pad volumes
• Reduces total frac fluid required
• High apparent viscosity
• Improves proppant transport
• Can be formulated for crosslink times of up to several minutes
• Minimizes hydraulic horsepower requirements
• Allows controlled, efficient polymer break with Baker Hughes EnZyme™ and Baker Hughes HighPerm™ encapsulated breaker technologies
• Minimizes formation damage
• Maximizes fracture conductivity
• Easily prepared
• Useful in batch-mix or continuous mix processes
• Compatible with most Baker Hughes StimPlus™ products
• Addresses flow assurance problems related to scales, paraffin, wax, and bacterial contamination
• Qualified member of the SmartCare family of environmentally responsible solutions
• Minimizes environmental impact without sacrificing performance
• Increases transparency of chemical composition to stakeholders
• Improves research and development efforts to proactively expand the Baker Hughes portfolio of environmentally responsible products
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