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Divert SP and Divert HT

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Solid polymer free self-diverting agents. Single amphoteric surfactant, easily batch mixed in acid or added on-the-fly. Water wets limestone, causes minimal formation damage, and cleans up with production.

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Due to the broad particle size distribution, thDSPHTe REAL Divert HT system provides effective near-wellbore temporary blockage in cased-hole applications—redirecting the frac fluid’s flow to the perforation clusters and reservoir sections where it is
needed for maximum stimulation performance.

The Baker Hughes Divert™ SP diverting agent is a viscous, water-based, polymer-free visco-elastic surfactant (VES) designed for use with stimulation treatments such as hydrochloric acid (HCI), solvent systems, and hydrofluoric acid (HF) for sandstone diversion applications.

• Sandstone stimulation and diversion
• Zones with differing permeability
• Zones with differing formation pressure
• Long zones with multiple lobes
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