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Temporary isolation solid gel that is pumped as a liquid slurry. After a setting time and temperature it gets solid and degrades in a controlled time. The degradation time is controlled by the breaker loading.

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Get fast, effective isolation, without permanently blocking your producing zones, with the GelBlock™ temporary annular isolation system from Baker Hughes. The temporary guar-based gel blocks previously stimulated zones, allowing you to re-perforate and re-stimulate newer, productive zones. The GelBlock system can then be dissolved quickly and completely, a benefit in regions where strict environmental regulations apply. The treatment leaves your formation virtually damage-free while effectively opening up all available hydrocarbon flow paths. With the GelBlock system, you can quickly reverse production decline rates and maximize your recovery factors, all without the high operational and CAPEX spend of drilling a new well.

Features and Benefits
• Reliable, temporary zonal isolation
• Near-wellbore plug
• No invasion into natural fractures
• Customizable design based on:
• Downhole conditions
• Bottomhole temperature
• Controlled hydration times
• Simplified application, clean-up, and removal
• Reduced completion costs
• Eliminates mechanical isolation tools
• Removes the need for additional cement or casing
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