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Real Connect Diverters

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A family of engineered self-degradable diverting agents used for well stimulation, re-stimulation, acidizing, and leak off control. Encompasses Real Divert HT, NW, and, FF.

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The Baker Hughes REAL™ Divert systems provide temporary diversion to ensure complete stimulation of all perf clusters and targeted zones. This proprietary diversion system is effective in initial hydraulic fracture treatments and refracturing applications, delivering both nearwellbore and far field diversion.

Features and Benefits
• Maximized initial hydrocarbon production
• Improved ultimate recovery
• Increased reservoir contact
• Delivers enhanced fracture density and complexity
• Wide particle distribution
• Maximizes diversion potential in near-wellbore area
• Superior regain conductivity
• Dissolves fully for complete well cleanup in water and oil
• Returns to full production in short period of time
• Simplified application and logistics
• Compatible with common mix waters, stimulation fluids, and additives
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