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Polymer-based system penetrates into porous zones, blocking permeability by filling pore spaces and setting. The treatment blocks the flow of fluids and gas into or out of the treated zones. Requires no special equipment with little to no clean up. Available in kits with log shelf life. Setting mechanism can be delayed.

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ZoneSafe gel provides the protection needed for areas where it is vital to ensure nonflowing conditions.  A ZoneSafe treatment is easy to use and can be incorporated into any cement squeeze; it can be added to the cement squeeze operation just before the cement is mixed and deployed. It can be used in downhole temperatures from 80°F (27°C) to 140°F (60°C) by using the appropriate accelerators or retarders. The ZoneSafe treatment does not require any additional equipment—it is mixed with the same equipment used in the cementing operation. ZoneSafe gel has been successfully deployed in multiple annular channel cement squeeze operations, protecting critical exposed areas in the well. The treatment is very convenient to use and has negligible impact on ongoing operations.

Features and Benefits
• Penetrates and blocks permeability
• Impedes flow of gas and liquids
• Easy to use
• Requires no special equipment
• Negligible impact on operations
• Little to no clean up
• Available in kits
• Long shelf life
• Dry mix easy to add to operation
• Easy cleanout
• Reduced rig time
• Reduced HS&E
• No equipment added
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