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The Baker Hughes Sorb™ family of solid specialty chemicals safely and efficiently inhibits downhole deposition or tubular damage with slow-releasing and longlasting chemicals applied to a solid substrate and pumped deep into the formation. This means the chemical treatment begins before produced fl uids reach the sensitive areas where temperature or pressure changes commonly cause fl owassurance and corrosion problems.

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Features and Benefits
• Produces back at relatively constant rates unlike liquid inhibitors
- Works on produced fluids before reaching the near-wellbore area, where pressure and/or temperature changes promote deposition
• Desorbs slowly; residual Sorb chemicals have appeared in production fluids at effective levels for four years after pumping
- Carefully tested for compatibility with formation and stimulation fluids before use
• Allows two or more Sorb chemical products to be combined in treatments designed to solve multiple problems simultaneously with the use of the Baker Hughes MultiSorb™ technology
- Active chemical systems include scale, paraffin, asphaltene, salt, and corrosion inhibitors as well as biocides
• Producing oil and gas wells
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