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Starting from $146.30 per 50 lb bag

Controlled–release additives that slowly desorb from the proppant pack into the production stream to provide immediate and long-term protection against scale deposition. The ScaleSorb material comprises a dry, solid particle onto which a specialty chemical has been adsorbed. Various solutions offered for the various types of inorganic scale.

Your price
Starting from $146.30 per 50 lb bag
Lead time of 8-12 weeks
Shipping may impact lead time

The ScaleSorb material comprises a specialty scale inhibitor chemistry adsorbed onto a dry, solid particle. The product is nominally within the mesh size of 20/40 proppant and is placed deep in the formation via a fracture, frac-pack, gravel-pack, or pre-packed screen system. When the well begins to produce, the scale inhibitor slowly desorbs into the water phase of the production stream, preventing scale deposits in the near-wellbore area and tubing. Because the product is dry and inert, it can be easily cleaned up and will not contribute to chemical runoff if spilled. This is environmentally preferable to conventional liquid additives or batch- and continuous-injection liquid chemical systems.

Features and Benefits
•Reduce downtime due to scale in the near wellbore
•Increase production and extend flow assurance
•Afford multiple applications including gravel packs, frac packs, or fracs in new/existing wells
•Oil and gas wells exhibiting scale deposition characteristics
•Fracturing fluid systems
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