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The Baker Hughes VisiTrak™ extra deep azimuthal resistivity is an evolutionary leap forward based on a decade of reservoir navigation experience using both omnidirectional and azimuthal resistivity technologies. The tool operates at two frequencies: 20 and 50 KHz. It is composed of two modules, a non- azimuthal transmitter sub and a receiver sub which also contains a dedicated azimuthal transmitter device. As with any conductive seeking tool, VisiTrak response is dependent on formation resistivity contrast. In ideal conditions, remote boundaries can be detected up to 150 ft (45.72 m) from the borehole with azimuthal sensitivity.

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The VisiTrak™ geospatial reservoir navigation and analysis service lets you see more of your reservoir – a 360° view of the wellbore from up to 150 feet (45.7 m). You’ll know exactly where you are and where you need to go to build a better well.

With conventional logging-while-drilling (LWD) mapping and navigation technology, it’s possible to see only about 20 feet (6.10 m) away from the wellbore. Because the VisiTrak service can map the reservoir up to five times that distance in real time, drilling costly pilot holes to confirm the top and bottom of the reservoir isn’t necessary. Worrying about coming in too low or too high and spending unnecessary time steering back into the reservoir is eliminated, saving you time and money.

The navigation technology of VisiTrak’s extended range signal identifies and gathers reliable data, allowing immediate review and analysis. The data provide a real-time, 360° view of the wellbore, allowing you to not only see the target, but to drill straight to it and stay in it. The advanced navigation technology behind the VisiTrak service lets you identify the optimal producing zone and helps you avoid early exits – keeping you in the sweet spot longer.

 The ability to see 150 feet into the reservoir to map approaching beds, boundaries, and pay zones reduces seismic uncertainly in real time, so you can design a completion and field management plan that maximizes long-term production potential.

Features and Benefits
• Mechanics of the service
• Utilizes low frequency measurements (electromagnetic signals) for extra deep investigation
• Utilizes cross component antenna technology allowing azimuthal sensitivity
• Utilizes proprietary multi-component inversion techniques in real time to provide informed answers while drilling
• Well Placement
• Pre-well modeling service based on client offset data to predict possible responses and possible decision points
• Reservoir navigation SMEs utilize the next generation of proprietary navigation software to deliver a full interpretation in complex geological scenarios
• Delivers Rv, Rh properties independently for each layer
• Reservoir Mapping
• Provides 1D optimum earth model in real time delivering thicknesses and dip for each layer detected
• Real-time 3D visualization for better visual and spatial understanding
• Provides 2D grids designed for geological model update
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