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The Baker Hughes OnTrak™ integrated measurement-while-drilling (MWD) and logging-while-drilling (LWD) service delivers a suite of directional and formation evaluation measurements. Along with pressure and drilling dynamics monitoring, the service provides operators with the most accurate propagation resistivity in the industry. The integrated design offers increased reliability, fewer connections, and optimized sensor-to-bit spacing to complement a suite of real-time downhole measurements. Power and mud-pulse telemetry are provided by the BCPM module. The OnTrak module serves as a platform for advanced rotary steerable and formation evaluation services

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Features and Benefits
• Real-time directional information
- Allows accurate wellbore placement
- Meets regulatory survey requirements
• Azimuthal gamma ray with imaging capability
- Identifies bed boundaries and orientation
• High-frequency phase resistivity
- Increases vertical resolution
- Identifies thin beds and fluid contacts
• Low-frequency attenuation resistivity
- Increases depth of investigation
- Estimate Rt with a greater immunity to environmental effects
• Fast two-way communication between the surface and downhole
- Reduces drilling risk, using real-time downhole information
- Minimizes nonproductive time through optimized drilling parameters
• Onshore, offshore, and deepwater
• Complex directional targets
• Geosteering
• Leak Off and Formation Integrity Testing
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