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SilJel/SilJel HT

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Water-shutoff solutions that are solids-free treatment fluids pumped into permeable formations to form permanent plugs, which seal reservoir porosity and permeability. Ideal for shutting off unwanted water production. The fluids are non-selective, so placement is a key consideration with these treatments. Low cost and effective non-selective system. Based on use of sodium silicate, silica gel -Si-O-Si contains variety of species having different shapes/sizes. Weak basic/neutral/acidic or a mixture of catalyst dictates time and set gel properties.

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Features and Benefits
• Low initial viscosity during pumping
• Fluids invade small pore structures and fractures that cement or polymer systems may not penetrate
• Invades the pore structure several feet from the wellbore
• Good plugging efficiency
• In sandstones, SilJel can plug the matrix and withstand differential pressures of more than 1500 psi/ft (33,930 kPa/m)
• Internally activated
• Operationally simple to use
• Requires no additional fluids or chemicals to produce gel structure
• Water shut-off operations in oil and gas wells
• Profile modification of water injectors
• Treatments in sandstone formations
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