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Slow release paraffin inhibitor that slowly desorbs from the proppant pack into the production stream to provide immediate and long-term protection against paraffin deposition. Various solutions are offered depending on the oils to provide long-lasting inhibition that minimizes the risk of lost production significantly delaying expensive interventions in wells.

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The ParaSorb material comprises a specialty paraffin inhibitor chemistry adsorbed onto a dry, solid particle. The product is nominally within the mesh size of 20/40 proppant and is placed deep in the formation via a fracture, frac-pack, gravel-pack, or pre-packed screen system. When the well begins to produce, the inhibitor slowly desorbs into the oil phase of the production stream, preventing paraffin deposits in the near-wellbore area and tubing.

And for your deepwater applications, get proven paraffin protection with the ParaSorb™ Ultra solid paraffin inhibitor. ParaSorb Ultra delivers the same multi-year inhibition as the ParaSorb product, but is specially engineered to withstand high closure pressures in your high-pressure deepwater wells.

ParaSorb and ParaSorb Ultra inhibitors are part of the family of proven StimPlus™ products, which are easily added to your stimulation fluid to prevent deposition and costly production problems deep into the formation. StimPlus products are compatible for use with a full range of common stimulation fluids.

Because the ParaSorb products are dry and inert, they can be easily cleaned up and will not contribute to chemical runoff if spilled. They make an environmentally preferable alternative to conventional liquid additives or batch- and continuous-injection liquid chemical systems.

ParaSorb and ParaSorb Ultra inhibitors are also part of the SmartCare™ family of environmentally responsible chemical solutions, which helps ensure that you can achieve both your technical performance and environmental priorities. These products have been methodically vetted for health, safety, and environmental criteria, performance, consistency, compatibility, and value.

Work with our application experts to determine the optimal amount of ParaSorb material to add to the proppant, based on crush and conductivity tests and the expected life of your treatment. ParaSorb loadings greater than 2% by weight of proppant should be decided based on fracture closure pressure. ParaSorb Ultra loadings greater than 20% by weight of proppant and closure pressures greater than 15,000 psi should be verified and approved prior to application.

• Oil and gas wells exhibiting paraffin deposition characteristics
• Deepwater and ultra-deepwater oil and gas wells
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