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Paravan System

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An effective stimulation aid used to break crude oil emulsions and water blocks and to dissolve inorganic scale deposits or the calcareous portion of the formation.

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During crude oil production, temperature and pressure changes can result in paraffins and asphaltenes precipitating out of solution and depositing in the wellbore, on the formation face, or within the critical near-wellbore area. These deposits may severely hinder productivity and clog production equipment, but they are difficult to remove because of their slow solubility in most hydrocarbon solvents. The Baker Hughes Paravan™ solvent systems are designed to help dissolve and disperse paraffin and asphaltene deposits.

Features and Benefits
• Reduces dosage rates
• Eliminates the requirements for separate water clarifier applications
• Improves oil removal from disposal water, allowing oil to be sold and water to be reused
• Decreases workover costs and associated filter changeouts on injection wells
• Reduces oil-in-water disposal by 50 to 98%
• Light, medium, and heavy crudes
• Conventional enhanced oil recovery (EOR) wells
• Unconventional wells
• Offshore wells
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