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Starting from $689.15 per 55 (US) Gal Drum

Biodegradable KCl substitute for water-based hydraulic fracturing.

Your price
Starting from $689.15 per 55 (US) Gal Drum
Lead time of 8-12 weeks
Shipping may impact lead time
Features and Benefits
• Effective for temporary clay stabilization
- Helps prevent shale softening and proppant embedment in shale reservoirs
- Aids against permeability loss from swelling clays in sandstone reservoirs
• Provided as a liquid concentrate
- Eliminates costly batch mixing and disposal problems associated with potassium chloride
• Low aquatic and mammalian toxicity; nonmutagenic
- Mitigates environmental impact associated with conventional alternative products
• Qualified member of the SmartCare family of environmentally responsible solutions
- Minimizes environmental impact without sacrificing performance
- Increases transparency of chemical composition to stakeholders
- Improves research and development efforts to proactively expand the Baker Hughes portfolio of environmentally responsible products
• Aqueous-based completion and stimulation operations
• Water-based fracturing treatments in formations with known clay sensitivities
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