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Starting from $6,784.25 per 55 (US) Gal Drum

Liquid additive, controls fines in all GP, FP, acid or stand alone fines flush applications.

Your price
Starting from $6,784.25 per 55 (US) Gal Drum
Lead time of 8-12 weeks
Shipping may impact lead time

The Baker Hughes FSA-2 fines stabilization agent is an aqueous solution that, when added to a stimulation treatment in a sandstone formation, minimizes production declines due to fines migration. A hydrolysable organosilane, the FSA-2 agent forms a siloxane covalent bond to reduce the mobility of siliceous fines (quartz, feldspars, mica, clays, etc.) in sandstone formations. An improvement over traditional organosilanes, this additive is pH-balanced to enhance the performance of pH sensitive fluids such as fracturing fluids and acid systems.

Features and Benefits
• pH balanced
• Less impact on pH sensitive fluids
• Reduces the mobility of siliceous fines in sandstone formations
• Minimizes production declines related to fines migration
• Reduces risk of permeability damage
• Compatible with all low-pH (acid) systems, high-pH systems, and water-based fracturing fluids
• Facilitates logistics and testing requirements, which reduces associated costs
• Liquid additive
• Allows accurate metering and mixing on-the-fly
• Non-wetting to sandstone mineral surfaces
• Maintains natural permeability to hydrocarbons
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