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SealBond™ Ultra Plus

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This award-winning SealBond™ Ultra system reduces slurry fallback after placement, prevents induced losses, and eliminates the need for remedial cement jobs. The SealBond™ Ultra Plus additive enhances the performance of the SealBond™ cement spacer system in cases of severe or total loss of returns.

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The SealBond™ Plus additive enhances the spacer system’s performance in cases of severe or total loss of returns. This additive allows a SealBond spacer to adhere to the lost circulation zone(s).

Our SealBond Plus technology is a proprietary blend of 100% organic, biodegradable, lost- circulation materials. The field-proven blend has been used to seal losses in formations with permeabilities up to 3,500 darcies.

Features and Benefits
• Bridges highly permeable and fractured formations to minimize lost circulation and improve zonal isolation
• Minimizes costly remedial operations to repair unsuccessful cement jobs caused by severe losses
• Exhibits no adverse rheological changes to the SealBond spacer system
• Supports rapid matrix development of filter cake through unique particle size distribution
• Eliminates damage to production formation
• Approved for use in North Sea
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