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UltraBond Spacer

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This water-based spacer system effectively displaces fluid in the annulus, improves fluid capabilities, provides superior cement bonding, and effectively promotes mud removal.

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The UltraBond™ spacer system from Baker Hughes effectively displaces the drilling fluid in your annulus while improving fluids compatibilities to improve cement bonding. The UltraBond system’s rheological properties can be engineered by adjusting polymer concentration depending on your particular well requirements.
This high-performance spacer system promotes effective mud removal by providing adequate friction pressure hierarchy for multiple scenarios. And with the aid of different surfactant packages, the UltraBond spacer system can be used with a wide range of non-aqueous drilling fluids.

Features and Benefits
• Effective mud removal
• Improves fluids compatibilities
• Enhances displacement efficiencies
• Achieves linear hierarchy
• Promotes hole cleaning and enhances cement bonds
• Engineering optimization
• Provides proper friction pressure hierarchy requirements
• Allows for rheological versatility for specific well conditions
• Delivers a simple approach to design methodology
• Operational efficiency
• Prepares and pumps with conventional cementing equipment
• Vertical and horizontal wells
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