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The Magne-Plus™ and Magne-Plus LT fully acid-soluble cement systems are nondamaging to the formation. These unique systems can be used to correct lost circulation problems when setting wellbore plugs, as a diverter, or to provide temporary zonal isolation.

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Correct lost circulation problems when setting wellbore plugs with the Magne-Plus™ acid-soluble cement system from Baker Hughes.  This unique system also acts as a diverter and provides temporary zonal isolation, while minimizing formation damage.

While the Magne-Plus system has the characteristics of conventional cements in strength and pumpability, it is chemically different. When mixed with water, this stoichiometric mixture of magnesium/calcium oxides and carbonates/sulfates polymerizes to form a polyhydrate that is unaffected by normal cement contaminants.

And for your wells with temperatures lower than 140°F (60°C), the Magne-Plus LT system provides the same benefits, in a low-temperature formulation.

Features and Benefits
• Controls lost circulation
• Nondamaging to the formation
• 100% soluble in 15% HCI at virtually all temperatures
• Can be mixed with any available water
• Does not require special spacers and flushes
• Can be easily mixed and pumped with conventional cementing equipment
• Does not contain Portland cement
• Compatible with most wellbore fluids and high concentrations of salt
• Remedial cementing operations
• Temporary zonal isolation
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