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UltraFlush Spacer

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The UltraFlush spacer system provides maximum wellbore cleaning for oil- or synthetic-based mud systems. This patent pending technology is revolutionizing the cleanup of oil-based fluids in the wellbore. It enhances the overall cementing job quality by improving displacement efficiency, providing better wellbore fluid compatibility, and water-wetting the casing and formation for superior bonding.

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The UltraFlush ME spacer system can be customized according to the base oil to obtain the proper balance of surfactant, oil, and water, so that the oil phase in situ is broken down into nanoparticlesized droplets that provide a strong emulsion.

•The UltraFlush spacer system can be easily modified with additional gellants to adjust viscosity.
• Ensures superior wellbore cleanup for oil- or synthetic-based mud
• Permits customizable solutions based on mud type
• Provides optimum friction pressure hierarchy

Features and Benefits
• Improves cement bonding between the formation and pipe
• Improves the relative permeability to oil
• Can be used as weighted and unweighted spacers
• Compatible with virtually all drilling fluids, completion fluids,
and cement slurries
• Primary and remedial cementing operations
• Cleaning of nonaqueous drilling fluids
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