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IRev™ infinite revolution impreg bit

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Maximize drilling performance in even the most difficult and abrasive environments

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The IRev infinite revolution impreg bit from Baker Hughes improves run life, while minimizing trips and the number of bits required when drilling in hard and abrasive intervals, including sandstones, or complex sections interbedded with softer shales.

IRev technology features a completely new cutting structure including diamond impregnated posts that allow a more aggressive rate of rock removal, enabling the bit to drill in places where PDC bits typically cannot perform. As diamonds wear away, new diamonds are exposed to enhance performance and further extend bit life.

Features and Benefits
•Diamond impregnated posts increase durability, performance, and footage drilled
•More aggressive design enables higher torque output to deliver greater ROP
•Application-specific diamond grits and body matrix provides optimal performance by matching technology to application for best performance
•Optimized profile better balances workloads and extends bit life
•Extremely hard and abrasive intervals
•Hard sections interbedded with soft shales and siltstones
•Motor, High Speed Motor, Turbine  applications
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