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Dynamus™ extended-life drill bit

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The Dynamus™ extended-life drill bit platform is now faster, more rugged and more reliable. New features reduce slide and steering tome for increased rate of penetration (ROP), improve cutter durability to maximize drilling efficiency, and open the smooth drilling window to expand performance limits under extreme parameters and harsh conditions

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Long laterals. One-run intervals. Tough formations. You’re demanding more from your drilling equipment than ever, with more robust motors, more weight, and more torque, putting immense strain on your bottomhole assembly (BHA). Often, your drill bit fails first, causing trips and BHA replacements, resulting in revenue loss.

The Dynamus™ extended-life drill bit enables you to reduce trips while using the most robust drilling equipment available. It prevents damage that shortens the life of your sensitive BHA components by smoothing out lateral vibrations. Its cutters are designed to prevent premature cracking and wear. It also offers a new, high-strength body engineered for extended life in extreme operations.

Features and Benefits
•Full customization to maximize performance in any application
•Higher ROP and linger bit life
•Advanced vibration mitigation
•Enhanced directional control
•Reduce drilling cost
•Hard, interbedded formation;
•Tough to drill carbonates
•High energy drilling environments
•Directional drilling with motors or RSS
•Complex vertical and tangents sections
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