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GaugePro™ Echo

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The GaugePro™ Echo on-command digital reamer- advance reaming capability for better economics, enabling real-time downhole tool control by the operator. Through proprietary technology, unknowns are known, limitations are removed, and nonproductive time (NPT) is reduced. Deployment flexibility and controlled operation enable the combination of borehole enlargement, stabilization and rathole drilling in one BHA

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The GaugePro™ Echo on-command digital reamer from Baker Hughes is a smarter solution for your hole enlargement applications, adding speed and certainty with real-time, two-way control and flexible bottom hole assembly (BHA) placement.

When you use the only on-command, digital reamer on the market, you can:

• CONTROL and adjust its actions at all times, with no limits on activation/deactivation cycles;

• CONFIRM blade deployment throughout operations, cutting out shoulder tests and extra trips; and

• REAM the hole to the desired size — within 15 ft (4.6 m) of total depth (TD) — with superior quality, speed, and confidence.

Don’t depend on “dumb” reamers. Contact your Baker Hughes representative today to learn how the industry’s smartest reaming solution can deliver the efficient, reliable performance you expect.

Features and Benefits
• Direct digital reamer control via downlink and telemetry service
• Provides limitless activation and deactivation cycles independent of pump flow rates
• Improves activation time to less than four minutes
• Reduces operational risk with the availability of real-time reamer status and parameter information
• Modular integration within the BHA
• Eliminates a separate rathole trip when run as a near-bit reamer
• Capability to install and independent control of up to three reamers in the BHA
• Failsafe functionality
• Provides assurance that the reamer blades will always retract when required
• Latest StaySharp™ and Stabilis™ cutter and StayTough™ hardfacing technology
• Enables faster, longer, and more stable drilling operations
• Amplifies cutter durability and improves torsional stability
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