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TeleCoil Logging Adapter

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The TeleCoil Logging Adapter contains a wire feed through system for supplying electrical contact for logging tools that are connected below the TeleCoil Logging Adapter. The adapter supports the use of most logging tools such as cased hole logging tools (PLT, CBL, Pulse Neutron, etc), electrical activated firing head, and bbsolute pressure activated firing heads

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The TeleCoil intelligent CT service uses an onboard casing collar locator to indicate the precise depth of your bottomhole assembly (BHA). And integrated pressure and temperature sensors confirm when guns activate and fire in real time. The result is an efficient, certain operation that delivers perforations with pinpoint accuracy.

Use the TeleCoil intelligent CT service with both wireline firing heads and hydraulic actuated firing heads. Using wireline, the TeleCoil service can perforate up to 32 individual zones in a single trip. And, you can deploy and retrieve over 1,000 ft (305 m) of perforating guns without having to kill your well.

Whether you need to conduct stimulation operations in extended-reach and high-pressure/high-temperature wells, or perform underbalanced perforating of long intervals, the TeleCoil intelligent CT service significantly lowers rig time and intervention costs—all while reducing your safety and operational risks.

Features and Benefits
• Increase efficiency and reduce risk with integrated CT and logging operations
• Improve operational accuracy during plug setting, perforating, and fluid placement
• Reduce uncertainty in unknown downhole conditions and confirm BHA operations
•Perforating, stimulation, and gas lifting
•Milling and cleanout operations
•Logging operations
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