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Lateral Entry Guidance Tool -LEG's

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The Lateral Entry Guidance System™ (LEGS™) easily and reliably locates and enters all branches of a multilateral well to remove fill or stimulate the entire well in a single run.

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Vastly improve the efficiency of your stimulation or cleanout operations in multilateral wells with the Lateral Entry Guidance System™ (LEGS™) from Baker Hughes. The system reliably locates and enters all branches of your multilateral well to remove, fill or stimulate the entire well in a single run.

While other multilateral entry devices require complex electrical controls or steering systems, LEGS uses a proprietary methodology based on hydraulic control. This methodology is more effective than simple bent subs run on indexing tools.

The hydraulic-based LEGS works simply and efficiently: the tool is run on coiled tubing to the targeted depth in your well and then pulled back to the target junction where it’s activated. A custom-engineered wand rotates in a 360° spiral search pattern to identify the precise location of the junction. The tool sends a signal to the surface that denotes the loss in pressure at the junction point.

The coiled tubing string then moves the tool into the branch to complete the operation. For stimulation operations, LEGS is compatible with most stimulation fluids. For branch cleanouts, a high-flow jetting bypass tool at the end of the wand quickly and effectively cleans drill cuttings, filter cake, and mud residues.

LEGS incorporates a rear-facing Baker Hughes Vortex™ nozzle for increased flow rate and cleaning efficiency. Achieve effective cleanout or stimulation in a variety of well conditions, including cased- and open-hole multilateral completions or sour gas environments. An acid-resistant, hydrostatic sequence valve can be added to LEGS to assist operations in your low-pressure wells.

Features and Benefits
  • Enables easy access to perform cleanouts and stimulation treatments in laterals
  • Suitable in low-pressure environments with the addition of an acid-resistant, hydrostatic sequence valve
  • Increased flow rate and cleaning efficiency with rear-facing Vortex™ valve
  • Compatible with most stimulation fluids
  • Compatible with the Sand-Vac™and Well-Vac™ cleanout systems
  • Compatible with TeleCoil™intelligent coiled tubing system.
  • Applications
    • Stimulation, fill removal, and gas lifting in multilateral wellbores
    • Cased and openhole multilateral completions
    • Sour gas environments
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