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Perforating Gun Systems

Plug and Perf Gun Kit Size 3 1/8
Part #A3004516000

Industry standard expendable hollow carrier gun kit. Currently in stock at a discounted price! 3-1/8" OD X 24" OAL, 6 SPF 60 degree phased, 6 shot.

Prices From $51.00
Prices From $51.00
A-140S detonator
Part #A2007807000


Baker Hughes Gun System
Part #BHGS

The BHGS is an Expendable Hollow Carrier (EHC) Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) gun used in cased-hole applications to establish flow from the formation into the wellbore through perforations. The perforations are generated by shaped charges contained in the perforating guns.

Price on request

Price on request