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Baker Hughes Gun System

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The BHGS is an Expendable Hollow Carrier (EHC) Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) gun used in cased-hole applications to establish flow from the formation into the wellbore through perforations. The perforations are generated by shaped charges contained in the perforating guns.

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Gunkit: 3-1/8 OD X 6 SPF 60 Deg, SP BHGS, 7 ft.

Features and Benefits
• Designed and tested in accordance with API RP67 specifications.
• Pressure-bypass tandem connector minimizes risk of trapped pressure, and enhances dynamic underbalance response
• Positive charge-alignment system ensures charges and scallops are aligned, maximizing perforation performance.
• Can be assembled in any combination of loaded and blank lengths.
• May be loaded with deep penetrating (DP) or big hole (BH) style perforating charges as dictated by the completion requirements:
• Suitable for TCP, Coiled Tubing, Slick Line or Wireline Conveyance
•DeepConnect™ (Reservoir-Driven Deep Penetrator)
• Predator ZX (Zenith Ultra Deep Penetrator)
• Predator XPE (eXtreme Performance Enhanced)
• Predator XP (eXtreme Performance)
• Predator DP (Deep Penetrator)
• Predator XS (Frac Optimized)
• Predator FP (Frac Pack and Sand Control)
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