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TrueJet Uniform Hole Perforating Charges

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TrueJet™ uniform-hole perforating charges create uniform entry holes, helping you to improve fracture distribution and reservoir communication in unconventional wells. Developed through extensive testing and modeling, the charges deliver perforations with a consistent entry-hole diameter and shape, regardless of gun configuration, orientation, or position within the casing.

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Unlike many conventional charges that can create rugged, multi-sized perforations that adversely affect flow efficiency and treatment delivery, the uniform holes generated by our TrueJet charges help optimize the efficiency of the perforation clusters, ensuring even distribution of fracture fluids and/or proppant. The uniform holes enable reliable diversion rates and designed treatment pressures ensuring stimulation programs can be executed to plan while keeping costs down.

Features and Benefits
  • Generates uniform size/shape entry holes
  • Improves flow efficiency of perforation clusters
  • Enables uniform stimulation treatment distribution
  • Enables reliable diversion rates and designed treatment pressures
  • Offers full compatibility with industry-standard perforating hardware
  • Meets API RP 198 qualification.
    • Unconventional reservoirs
    • Vertical and horizontal wells
    • Wireline, slickline, and tubing-conveyed operations
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