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Power Charges

Enable simple, reliable, and consistent plug setting

True Stage Power Charges
Part #H437690001
Lead time:6-8 weeks

TrueStage™ power charges are our next-generation technology engineered to facilitate a simplified solution for reliable ignitions. The charges are a direct replacement for both #10 and #20 standard power charges in frac applications. They are compatible in Baker #10 & #20 setting tools, and 3

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Prices From $80.00
Prices From $80.00
CLCP Initiator Oil Field Ordnance Device
Part #H067781701
Lead time:5 days

The percussion fired detonator is used for initiating high order detonation of oilfield boosters. Withstands 200 ksi through the primer cap after functioning. Price per unit, available to buy in boxes of 10.

Prices From $465.00
Prices From $465.00
Power charge, Standard, Size 10 E4
Part #H437642113
Lead time:4 weeks

This standard power charge is used in Baker size 10 E4 tools. Available to buy in increments of 10. Baker’s newer product, TrueStage™ power charge, replaces this standard #10 power charge.

Prices From $11.16
Prices From $11.16