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True Stage Power Charges

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$80.00 per Unit

TrueStage™ power charges are our next-generation technology engineered to facilitate a simplified solution for reliable ignitions. The charges are a direct replacement for both #10 and #20 standard power charges in frac applications. They are compatible in Baker #10 & #20 setting tools, and 3 5/8” compact setting tools. Available to buy in increments of 20.

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An ATF license is required for this product, if an ATF license is not associated with your account a Baker Hughes representative may contact you to validate your license is active.
Your price
$80.00 per Unit
Lead time of 2 weeks
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Next-generation technology engineered to facilitate a simplified solution for reliable initiations with easy clean-up, and is compatible in multiple sizes. It includes a secondary, embedded ignitor that eliminates misfires and ensures reliable initiation. TrueStage power charges can simplify your operations for reliable and consistent plug setting.

Features and Benefits
  • Provides consistent burn times for reliable setting and shearing
  • Maximizes the complete burn and provides reliable initiation with embedded secondary ignitors
  • Ensures universal deployment in both #10 and #20 E-4 setting tools
  • Reduces field errors and minimizes inventory with a standardized tube size
  • Retains excellent thermal stability up to 400°F
  • Applications
    • Setting frac plugs in plug-and-perf operations
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