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Secondary Ignitor

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$25.10 per each

Secondary ignitor for use in the Baker Hughes E-4 #10 and #20 Setting Tool

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An ATF license is required for this product, if an ATF license is not associated with your account a Baker Hughes representative may contact you to validate your license is active.
Your price
$25.10 per each
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Baker Hughes igniters are used in conjunction with power charges to provide an economical power source for our E-4 wireline pressure setting assemblies (W.L.P.S.A.). A BP-3S™ Igniter, (Product Family No. H43744) will fire when a sufficient electrical current is passed through it. The Secondary Igniter, (Product Family No. H43743) is ignited when the Igniter fires and is blown down on top of the power charge. As the secondary burns, it provides heat input to light the power charge. The BP-5S™ Igniters are almost identical to the BP-3S except that they contain a resistor which requires a higher electrical voltage to establish a current sufficient to fire the Igniter. The BP-5S has a crimped design. The BP-5S are slightly longer for identification purposes.

The recommended shelf life for power charges, primary and secondary igniters is 5 years. This does not mean that a power charge, primary or secondary igniter that is more than 5 years old cannot be run. Inventory levels should be maintained and rotated to ensure that power charges, primary and secondary igniters are not stored for more than 5 years.

All Power Charges and Igniters should be stored in a cool, dry place. Exposure to excessive heat will reduce shelf life and should be avoided. Exposure to moisture will degrade the performance of Power Charges and Igniters. Do not use Primary or Secondary Igniters that have been opened for extended periods.

•Used with the Baker Hughes E-4™ wireline pressure setting assembly and compatible wireline setting tools to set packers, cement retainers, bridge plugs and other products.
•The secondary igniter is used in all sizes of the E-4 and the 05 E-5 setting tools.
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