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Fishing Systems

Our vast array of fishing systems and tools—applied with our industry-leading fishing knowledge—remove wellbore obstructions safely and efficiently, greatly reducing the cost associated with wellbore problems.

SUPERLOY Milling Material

Part #H0120

Superloy is used for all types of downhole cutting and milling. These applications can range from milling bit cones and junk in openhole, to reaming out tight spots in casing or tubing. ... Show More

Prices From $35.03
Prices From $35.03

Nickel Silver Tinning Rod

Part #HT2901

Nickel Silver Tinning Rod for dressing mills. ... Show More

Prices From $10.50
Prices From $10.50

Metal Muncher Carbide Milling Inserts

Part #H094MM
Lead time:4-6 weeks

Baker Hughes METAL MUNCHER™ classic cutting structures offer enhanced wear rate, impact resistance, and cutting edge, resulting in shortened milling time. ... Show More

Prices From $1.80
Prices From $1.80

Opti-Cut Carbide Rod

Part #H09438

Baker Hughes Opti-Cut™ cutters are used for thru-tubing fishing, packer milling, washover shoes, casing/tubular cutting, and milling anywhere extremely sharp cutting edges are desirable. They are available in rods similar to the SUPERLOY (crushed car ... Show More

Prices From $81.14
Prices From $81.14