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WellLink™ Performance

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WellLink™ Performance is a web-based application providing drilling key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring, analytics, and reporting. Real-time data is analyzed, combined with contextual data and compared with plan/benchmark/offset data. WellLink Performance facilitates proactive identification of performance gaps, allowing the decision-making teams to address performance barriers and associated causes of non-productive time (NPT) or invisible lost time (ILT) in a timely manner.

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To drill to plan and budget, operators and drilling contractors need clear visibility of a wide range of drilling key performance indicators (KPIs). But the data behind those KPIs are often buried in a range of incompatible legacy applications and reporting systems. Extracting their value relies on time-consuming and error-prone manual calculations, risking operational inefficiencies and rig-time losses as high as 20%.

The WellLink Performance application monitors 57 KPIs in real time, bringing together multiple data streams—from any service provider—and processing them to deliver actionable insights at speed, through seamlessly designed and fully integrated web-based dashboards.

Whether it’s average times for tripping, drilling, connection, weight-to-weight, or instant comparisons of rig, well, and crew performance, the WellLink Performance application contextualizes KPIs against your plan and offset data to indicate how effectively you’re drilling and how efficiently your team is performing. 

The ability to  compare real-time and static data quickly identifies performance gaps and generates superior operational insights, including highly accurate and detailed 3D visualizations of well geometry. In addition, using our dynamic KPI builder, you have the flexibility to create on-demand KPIs and set your own visualization preferences.

With customizable data entry forms and reporting templates, the vendor-neutral application’s daily drilling reporting solution can capture and report various aspects of operations at the well site throughout well construction. Displaying results on a map or in a table for at-a-glance performance insights, it increases processing speed, enhances project efficiency, and removes performance barriers—ultimately avoiding non-productive and invisible lost time.

Features and Benefits
• Dashboards
• Configurable multi-well dashboard
• Map display
• Real-time displays
• Time depth analysis
• Activity analysis
• KPI monitor
• Flat time display
• DDR KPI monitor
• Key performance indicators
• Off bottom time
• Weight to weight
• Weight to slips
• Days ahead/behind plan
• Flat time
• Over 34 additional KPI’s
• Reporting
• Customizable section and end-of-well reports
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