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WellLink™ Assurance

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WellLink™ Assurance is a real-time, advanced drilling surveillance and alarm management system that monitors and measures the execution of well construction projects to detect potential drilling hazards at an early stage. With WellLink Assurance, operators and drilling contractors can proactively address problematic trends and identify opportunities for optimization. Complex multiwell drilling operations can be monitored remotely and with fewer personnel using exception-based management and workflow management (SPE 179368).

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The WellLink Assurance service is a smart drilling-surveillance and alarms-management system that takes the burden of monitoring away from your experts and streamlines the drilling process. Its connected workflows use an advanced exception-based management system to monitor and measure the execution of the drilling process in real time, detecting potential drilling hazards at the earliest possible stage.

Using an intuitive web-based application that’s easy and quick to learn, you set rules and filters for real-time data streams for any number of wellsites. The WellLink Assurance application has the flexibility to set an alarm for a single risk or any combination of abnormal drilling conditions—including circulation losses, influx, washout, drilling break events, and hole cleaning or unexpected trend changes. The second there’s a deviation from your exception, you get a visual, auditory, email, or text alert. And the alerts keep coming until you cancel them!

This doesn’t just put you in complete control of one well. Without adding any boots on the ground, you can scale the solution easily across complex multi-well operations. As well as giving you more time to mitigate risks and optimize performance, the WellLink Assurance service delivers a step change in well-construction efficiency—freeing up your experts for higher-value tasks and unlocking the potential of remote operations, wherever your fields are located.

Features and Benefits
• Management by exception
•Customizable alarms
•Rules and filters for each operations phase
•Email, auditory, visual and SMS alarm delivery
• Alarm center
•User defined alarms groups
•Single click acknowledgement
•Quick data visualization
• Alarm formula management
•Rule based alarms
•Boundary based alarms
•Data quality validation
• Audit trail
•Alarms activity logging
•Rules modifications
•Audit reports
• Performance optimization
• Kick and circulation losses detection
• Early hazard warning
• Remote operations management
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