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WellLink™ Advisor

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The WellLink™ RT service optimizes web-based delivery of advanced visualization and analysis capabilities for real-time data regardless of the data density acquired. WellLink RT is a vendor neutral data aggregation and visualization solution, supporting industry standard data types such as WITSML and OPC. The web-based interface is easy to use and configure, graphically integrating any type of WITSML data from diverse sources such as MWD/LWD, MudLogging, Wireline, Casing, Cementing, Pressure Pumping, Drilling Instrumentation.

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Features and Benefits
• Rate of penetration console
- Drilling efficiency qualification
- Real-time correlation to geological model
- Depth based risks proactive alerts
- Bit life optimization
- Vibration analysis
- Offset well correlation
• Drilling operations console
- Hole quality analysis
- Hole cleaning advisory
- Real-time torque and drag analysis
- Real-time Torque and weight on bit analysis
• Tripping and casing console
- Downhole static friction proactive alarms
- Real-time tripping speed comparison against modelled trip curves
- Connection time KPI’s
- Hookload analysis
- Automated activity detection
• No drilling surprises console
- Lithographical columns correlation
- Visual representation of pre-drill analysis including risk objects
- Real-time operations summary with offset data correlation
• Rate of penetration optimization
• Stuck pipe mitigation
• Geological correlation and risk management
• Fluids management
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