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NaviTrak™ LCP

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The Baker Hughes NaviTrak™ LCP MWD delivers downhole information to the surface through a mud pulser that operates under high volumes of lost circulation material (LCM) and in mud systems contaminated with magnetic particles. This service is LCMresistant, and delivers directional surveys, gamma ray, vibration, stick slip, and pressure measurements, while minimizing nonproductive time (NPT) and reducing drilling risks.

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Features and Benefits
• Proven tolerance to high solids and LCM concentrations
- Minimizes or eliminates NPT through reduced plugging risks of MWD system
• Real-time directional information, including hole inclination, azimuth, and toolface orientation
- Optimizes wellbore placement
• Downlink capability improves telemetry rates
- Reduces unnecessary trips
• Single-turbine/restrictor configuration
- Adapts to a wide range of flow rates and conditions
• Real-time gamma ray logs
- Identifies formations for lithology correlation
- Determines casing and core point selection
• High-LCM environments
• Unconventional shale plays
• Onshore development drilling
• Factory drilling
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