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MaxStart VSD software

MaxStart™ VSD software

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MaxStart™ VSD software from Baker Hughes gives you assurances that optimize electrical submersible pumping (ESP) in your thermal recovery production applications.

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An integral part of the Centrilift Extreme Temperature™ (ET) ESP system, MaxStart software helps maximize your variable speed drive operation in heavy oil and tar sands. MaxStart software integrates a dynamic ESP system model to accurately calculate shaft torque in your pump. The software automatically starts the ESP system by alternating between forward and reversing torque until the pump turns freely. The automated, reliable operation afforded by the MaxStart software avoids pump locking and virtually eliminates the risk of shaft breakage.

Features and Benefits
•Optimize start-up in heavy oil applications
•Avoid workovers due to locked pumps
•Virtually eliminate shaft breakage
•Heavy oil production
•Steam-assisted gravity drainage
•Tar sands applications
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