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Zenith Tubing Drain Valves for Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP-TDV)

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Protect ESPs with reliable, effective solids management

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The ESP-TDV is installed in the tubing string directly above the pump, preventing backflow of fluid through the pump when it is shut down. Fluid and solids held in suspension are diverted directly and immediately to the annulus, preventing damage or blockage of the pump. With large annular ports, the Zenith ESP-TDV allows fluids, including heavy oil and high viscosity fluids, to flow freely through the valve

Features and Benefits
• Manages production solids reliably to defend against ESP equipment damage and blockage on shutdown
• Prohibits backspin, motor shaft, or rotor breakage at start up
• Protects from pumpoff situations
• Prevents losses from downtime, deferred production, and time required to pull, clean, and rerun the completion
• Provides high flow rates and low pressure drops via optimized flow paths
• High sand cut ESP wells or entrained coal fines and suspended solids
• ESP wells producing heavy oil and high viscosity fluids
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