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ElectroSpeed Advantage Standard VSD

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ElectroSpeed Advantage Standard VSDs 6-Step/PWM (6 Pulse) Model: 2125-4ADV 6P / 6-Step/PWM Output kVA: 130

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Backed by 30 years of VSD innovation for the oil and gas industry, the Electrospeed Advantage drive is offered as part of the next generation of ESP control products. The Baker Hughes Electrospeed Advantage™ variable speed drive (VSD) with advanced production software increases the uptime and reliability of your electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system. The Advantage VSD’s control system software helps reduce power and downtime costs while optimizing production. Our engineers designed this VSD to solve the most common ESP problems you experience daily:
gas locking, difficulty starting, power consumption, and power sags.

Features and Benefits
  • Standard back spin detection
  • Continual backspin detection to assure reliable auto restart
  • Advanced production software
  • Reduces gas lock and pump off
  • External USB/Ethernet ports
  • Allows safe software updates and data downloads
  • Improved filter for Filtered Pulse Width Modulated (FPWM™) output
  • Increases uptime
  • TUV-certified NEMA 4
  • Third-party certified for environmental and safety assurance
  • Applications
    • ESP, HPump, ESPCP, PMM, IM
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