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6 3/4'' AutoTrak Go

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The AutoTrak Go allows you to navigate precisely into the target using superior directional control in the most challenging well profiles. The system allows you to arrive at difficult targets that you can’t reach with steerable mud motors or other rotary steerable systems. The AutoTrak Go system uses the Pulser and Steering Unit from the 6-3/4-in. AutoTrak Curve in conjunction with a 3rd party MWD system.

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The Standalone system is limited to Inclination Hold Mode. In this mode, the tool is given a desired Target Inclination and will hold this inclination unless instructed to build or drop angle via a downlink. The build or drop rate can be controlled by the use of Build Force. Azimuth control can be performed by the switching on or off Walk Force and selecting the appropriate Force from the force table. When the tool is run in hole it will be in the ribs off state. Before beginning, drilling a downlink to Initiate Hold Mode must be sent. This will set the Target Inclination to the Inclination value currently measured by the tool.

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