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NaviTrak™ MP

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The Baker Hughes NaviTrak™ MP directional and gamma MWD service delivers real- time directional information, including hole inclination, azimuth, and toolface orientation. The mud-pulse telemetry system transmits downhole measurements quickly to the surface, reducing risk and enabling precise wellbore positioning. With modular sensor modules and a wide range of collar sizes, this service can be tailored to the client’s drilling specifications.

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Features and Benefits
• Real-time directional information
- Allows accurate wellbore placement
- Meets regulatory survey requirements
• Downlink capability
- Improves telemetry rates and optimizes performance
• Real-time gamma ray logs
- Identifies formations for lithology correlation
- Determines casing and core point selection
• Optional flow-off logging
- Provides downhole information during connections
•Unconventional shale plays
• Onshore development drilling
• Factory drilling
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