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Hybrid Drill Bit

Hybrid drill bit technology from Baker Hughes combines roller cones and polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) fixed cutters into a single, patented design to reduce drilling time and trips in the most complex applications. With the rock-crushing strength and stability of roller cones and the cutting superiority and continuous shearing action of diamond bits, this technology increases ROP, improves cuttings removal, and survives highly interbedded formations with performance consistency and excellent toolface control.

Baker Hughes continues to develop hybrid drill bit technology to widen the application range and deliver high performance in challenging applications for conventional bit technology. Baker Hughes hybrid drill bits are a proven replacement for conventional drill bit approaches, delivering faster and more durable drill bit performance.

Kymera™ Mach 5 hybrid drill bit

The drive to improve penetration rates has seen the introduction of high torque motors and higher weight on bit, making it increasingly challenging to find the right bit for this tougher operating environment. Steering issues make it difficult to land in the desired target and compromise overall pen... Show More

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