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Subsea top drive cement head

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The Baker Hughes top drive cement head was designed from conception for use with a top drive system. The patented Sure-Lock™ connections allow for quick disconnecting and reconnecting of key components, while still giving a maximum right hand rotational torque of 45,000 ft/lbs.

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The top drive cement head allows the continuous and independent rotation, stroking (lifting) and high flow cementing simultaneously. Darts and/ or ball can be loaded before the job and is controlled entirely from rig floor using rig air. After release of darts and/ or ball flow from circulation then cleans the Head from the cement.

Features and Benefits
• Fully compatible with drilling and top drive systems
• 10.000 psi maximum operating pressure
• Remote operated to ensure high safety focus
• No need for man riding
• No-weld construction contributes to the head’s simplicity; compactness and lightness
• DNV certified
• Easily converted for usage with SSR double dart system
• Could be used with both Baker Hughes and Weatherford SSR plug systems
• Flow around design keeps the dart and ball out of the fluid path to assure reliable, trouble free performance.
• Ball drop pin does not enter the cement head bore so it does not have to be retracted after use.
• No complicated wash up procedure; head is washed out
utilizing the displacement fluid.
• High hook load and combined hook/pressure load capacities
• Equipped with safety frame for storage/racking in derrick
• Casing cementing
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