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Paraffin Dispersant

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$510.72 per 55 (US) Gal Drum

The Baker Hughes paraffin dispersant is a liquid, organic, surface-active chemical for use in crude oil to control the deposition of paraffin. It is a mixture of various surfactants and penetrants combined in selective solvents. This oil soluble and water dispersible formulation is effective in removing and mitigating paraffin buildup in production equipment.

Your price
$510.72 per 55 (US) Gal Drum
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Features and Benefits
•Removes paraffin deposits
– Restores lost production
•Inhibits paraffin deposition
– Keeps production systems clean and flowing
– Lowers maintenance costs
•Removes tank bottom deposits
– Increases production and storage
•Excellent cold weather handling properties
– Requires minimal storage and pumping
•Conventional oil
•Shale oil
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