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RTT1600-10 Redidirect™ Packer Fluid Corrosion Inhibitor

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The Aquaness corrosion inhibitor is a water-soluble blend of filming amines, surfactant, and oxygen scavenger. It is an excellent packer fluid inhibitor as well as a hydrostatic test and general waterflood inhibitor.

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Our proven corrosion inhibitor solution comprise of innovative chemistries, corrosion expertise, and continuous monitoring services. Together, these services ensure that you get the optimal chemical treatment program to solve any corrosion challenge in your production, storage, transport, or processing equipment. Whether you require batch corrosion inhibitor treatment or continuous injection, our inhibitors are proven to effectively mitigate corrosion in any production scenario.

Features and Benefits
- Combination formula
- Minimizes product inventory
- Residuals easily monitored
- Treatment cost minimized
- Good thermal stability
- Proven in systems up to 250°F
- Packer fluid systems
- Hydrostatic testing of pipelines
- Water Injection systems
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