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The PENETREX rate of penetration (ROP) enhancer, from Baker Hughes is designed for use in water-based drilling fluid systems such as the PERFORAMAX high performance water-based drilling fluid system

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Features and Benefits
• Reduces torque and drag
• Minimizes bit balling and accretion and associated vibration
• Significantly enhances drilling ROP while optimizing drilling efficiency
• Decreases non productive time
• Key component of the PERFORMAX high-performance drilling fluid system
• Provides a lower tendency to be emulsified in the drilling fluid system than other ROP enhancers
• Stable to temperatures up to 300F (149C)
• Works effectively with Talon PDC drill bit
• Drills faster, farther and longer. Performs in virtually any environment. Gives superior directional control, longer run life, improved ROP, and enhanced durability
• Water-based drilling fluids
• Horizontal, deviated and extended-reach wells
• Medium to hard shale formations
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